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12:53am 29/01/2006

"A lie told often enough becomes truth."
- Vladamir Lenin

It seems to me that this is happening. The message that is being drilled into our heads is one of ignorance and complete falseness. George Bush would love to have us all believe that it's so simple. Bush wants us to think that our enemies attacked us in totally unprovoked attacks, because they hated our freedom. Conservatives, nationalists and idiots are willingly lead by the dilusional president because they don't want to think about anything that WE may have done. It's much easier to accept that they hated our freedom, even though that's a complete mockery of the truth. The people who usually look for scapegoats to put the blame on, have happily, willingly and ignorantly overlooked the real facts and chose instead to pick up their guns and go to kill everyone with a turban and a dislike of our oppressive foreign policy in the Middle East.

So what's the truth?

"We say our terror against America is blessed terror in order to put an end to suppression, in order for the United States to stop its support to Israel."
- Osama Bin Laden

It sounds like our enemies are saying that our outragious support of Israel is leading a lot of support against us. I can see why. The double standard he have for the region is a disgrace. Look at the way we've treated Iran, making it out to be a hostile country, making it out of be a violent country, manipulating the media to make it sound like Iran has any nuclear weapons, capability of making nuclear weapons in the short term, or any intent of hostility towards our allies. We know Isreal has weapons. We know Israel has the full intent of using them illegally. Yet when the UN weapons inspectors tried to get into Isreal to inspect their weapons, and Isreal told them to get lost, they promptly did get lost and nothing was said of it again. Maybe it's THIS double standard that provokes them.

"If inciting people to do that (9/11) is terrorism, and if killing those who kill our sons is terrorism, then let history be witness that we are terrorists."
- Osama Bin Laden

"Just like you kill us, we will kill you."
- Osama Bin Laden

Perhaps this is the reason they hate us? The countless people we've killed, we don't know exactly how many, because it's "not our responsibility to count dead Iraqis" but there are very many. Look at the million (at least) people we killed with sanctions on Iraq during the 1990s, mostly the sick, the elderly, then women and the children. Look at the war that we provoked between Iran and Iraq because the US were scared shitless of the Islamic revolution. A million people died. Or perhaps it was the constant airstrikes on that region that have been going on, unpublished by the media, for the last decade. It's not that anyone was hiding it, it just wasn't news anymore. Airstrikes like the one only days ago, targeted at the supposed target of Ayman al-Zawahiri, uncleared by the Pakistani government, and it turns out that the strike killed 17 local men, women and children instead. Airstrikes like the one the US planned on Al Jazeera, a civilian target, an utterly illegal proposition.

"Your security is not in the hands of Kerry or Bush or al Qaeda. Your security is in your own hands. Each and every state that does not tamper with our security will have automatically assured its own security."
- Osama Bin Laden

"Free people do not relinquish their security. This is contrary to Bush's claim that we hate freedom. Let him tell us why we did not strike Sweden, for example."
- Osama Bin Laden

This clearly blows apart the myth that we were attacked because we're a peaceful, heavenly and downright great bunch of people.

So with all of this in mind, what did we do about this hostility with the Middle East and the (more than) billion Muslim people that now see us for what we really are? What we SHOULD have done, is drained support for our enemies. We should have stopped our illegal weapons support of Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian land. We should have stopped our oppression of the Middle East.

Why DIDN'T we do that?

Middle Eastern resources, obviously. The biggest oil supplies in the world are in the arabic Middle Eastern countries. The biggest natural gas supplies outside of Russia are in the Middle East. We couldn't let all this blood money slip away, regardless of how many people die.

Did our enemies notice this?

"This war in Iraq makes millions of dollars for big corporations, either weapons manufacturers or those working in the reconstruction, such as Halliburton and its sister companies... It is crystal clear who benefits from igniting the fire of this war and this bloodshed: They are the merchants of war, the bloodsuckers who run the policy of the world from behind the scenes."
- Osama Bin Laden

Sometimes the best way to understand a war, isn't to listen to our own leaders, but rather, the leaders of the other side. Maybe then, we'd see what we really are.
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Something Random 
06:29pm 23/05/2005
  To the liberal feminist, nobody benefits from existing gender inequalities; both men and women are harmed because the potential of females and males alike are suppressed. For example, many women with the potential to be successful and skilled members of the workforce do not get the oppurtunity to develop their talents, while men are denied some of the pleasures of having a close relationship with their children. The explanation of this situation, according to liberal feminists, lies not so much in the structures and institutions of society, but in its culture and the attitudes of individuals.

Socialisation into gender roles has the consequence of producing rigid, inflexible expectations of men and women.
Discrimination prevents women from having equal oppurtunities.

What are your opinions of this?

Crosspost liberal
Woman severely beaten by family to force adoption 
01:32pm 25/04/2005

Basically these people beat her for like an hour breaking her nose and causing other injuries trying to force her to agree to adopt children of one of her relatives.
07:02pm 26/03/2005
  hello! im gracie and i just stumbled on this community.
i want to say that women have to deal with so much more than men and its unfair that like 90% of all eating disorders are women adn not men. men dont have as much pressure to be ______ (aka anything in blank) for example, fat men still get hot girl friends and are still funny and arent judged, meanwhile, fat women are discrimnated against and all thsi crap. (im not fat thats just this example)
sooo its great to be in here and just feel free to add me to your friends list and to comment.
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feminazis revolution 
02:29pm 07/03/2005
Women make babies. Men don’t. Women carry babies during 9 months in their womb. Men spurt some ejaculate with force grunting and a small pleasure spasm, and then… well then that is all and they played their role. I mean, however much MEN would like to pretend they are all important and without them nothing would happen, it is quite evident their role in procreation is quite reduced.

And yet, I have no problem with all that. I mean, that is what evolution led us to. That is BIOLOGY.

I DO have a problem however with the fact that, statistically, I am about as likely to have a BOY as I am to have a GIRL. I do find it quite unjust that while men do very little and me most of the work, they still manage to occupy HALF the space in my womb (I mean, err, on average, I am not having twins, nope nope).

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why, with present day birth control methods, which allow us to easily select the SEX of our children, we still keep on producing as many BOYS as GIRLS, when boys will spend maybe 2 or 3 useful minutes in their life on average, while girls will have to spend between 2 and three years carrying baby if they are to replenish the population on our planet.

What should therefore be the proper proportion of males to females if we are to re-establish justice that evolution stole from us? In other words, let us see: What is the worth of one female in terms of males?

Some calculations: 9 months = 270 days = 6480 hours = 388800 minutes = about 129600 men if we assume a man spends 3 minutes fucking, which is about as much as most devote to their partner until their base animal instincts are satisfied and they pull out with that most precious (not!) grunt.

THIS MEANS THAT if we were being fair, and a MAN had to devote 9 months to procreation in his life, the ratio of man to woman should be about 1/100,000.

In that calculation, I am being very GENEROUS to men. With the advances in procreation technology, a man wouldn’t have to perform the sexual act. He would be milked for his sperm every day (suppose, conservatively, he has 100,000 X spermatozoa each session. His masturbation, if done efficiently, would last about 2 minutes before he gets to ejaculate, but let’s be generous and count every day where he contributes as a working day (after all, even the best of them can only ejaculate about 3 to 5 times a day, which means replenishment of their reserves is not immediate).

That means the REVISED figure would be:

270 days by 100,000 = 27 millions. Yes. That means ONE woman is worth about 27 million men. THIS MEANS you would need to produce only about 2 to three men for the entire California!

OK, you will tell me, but what is in this for US women? DON’T YOU REALIZE!!! NOW, you spend about 2 to three years carrying babies. THEN, in the new world of the future, you will have to spend only 9 months to replenish the population. This is because you will produce GIRLS only, girls who in their turn will produce girls, and so on, and so forth. There will be NO MORE WASTE. We won’t have to feed useless men. This will be a formidable advance in economic productivity.

IMAGINE! When did you last hear of an improvement that led to a TWO FOLD decrease in labor (gestation period) at such a low cost of implementation: we will only have to simply generalize existing techniques, and let existing men progressively die out (I am not advocating their forced withdrawal from the economic system, as this would encounter too much resistance from well-meaning members of society).

IMAGINE!! No more men to take up your job when you are away on maternity leave!! No more men to take advantage of your relative physical weakness to beat and rape you (Reminder: Domestic violence is on the rise, and it is disproportionately applied by men onto women).

IMAGINE!!! A society where everybody would be equal, where everybody would contribute equally to that most important social function (you could argue, the ONLY properly social function), I mean, the REPRODUCTION of the social body.

Sisters, brothers, do you see the huge promises of my project?

Yes, I said sisters, BROTHERS! Brothers are part into my most awesome project. For I believe that MEN will rally under the rule of reason, and for the sake of humanity and the better functioning of society, will accept that their place in society must be curtailed down.

After all, aren’t we all human? Why should men rebel against a process that will replace less productive human beings with more productive, more deserving ones? Won’t humanity survive the elimination of men? Why should it matter to a human whether the surviving human is a male or a female?

A true feminist is one who believes in humanity. A true humanist will submit to the rule of reason. Reason calls for the elimination of men. Let’s be real feminists / humanists / reasonable people. Let’s get rid of the male dead weight on society. For equality. For efficiency. For a better world were we all are truly BORN EQUAL. This is what the CONSTITUTION called for in its opening preamble. This is what we are called upon to finally achieve.
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01:44pm 15/12/2004
  Does anyone have any good links about how a lot of money is spent on men’s health and sexual dysfunctions (like Viagra) while women’s health is under-funded?

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